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The temperature of our lives is first influenced by little sparks. If they’re kindled, nurtured & encouraged, what fires can be ignited? A romance about activism, the humanitarian spirit within & the slow burn of a passion years in the making. It’s an exploration of current events, global strife, African conflict minerals, social accountability & calibrating our moral compass.

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(posted February 17, 2011 through December 21, 2011 – Beta: RandomCran, Pre-Reader: Elliedgasmswoon)

RUSSIAN TRANSLATION: by Olegovna – found on the Twilight Russia website and forum. Many thanks to Mussonka, lena_solnce & barsy for the co-translation, proofing and editing of this translation. Goldy-Fishes made a gorgeous banner for this story, and it really captures their time in Africa!

FRENCH TRANSLATION: by Milk40is being posted HERE.


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The deadly plastic rings from our twist cartons, mentioned in Edward’s speech in the Prologue. Simply cutting them with a pair of scissors prior to disposing them can potentially save so many animals in the wild. It’s an excellent way to instill environmental awareness in children too, a simple habit to develop with positive results. These pictures also speak volumes:
seal1 dolphin10 mae-west-turtle-plastic-ring


Tarball found on Florida Beach after the Gulf Spill.


Anderson Cooper’s Oil Spill Blog. As mentioned in this chapter, he’s credited as one of the first journalists to mention the true scope of the destruction after the spill.

National Wildlife Federation

The Louisiana Environmental Action Network and links to the lawsuits that have been filed, as mentioned by Edward in this chapter.

To find a Food Bank in your area (if you’d like to donate $, food or your time volunteering as Bella and the Cullens have in this story), here is a Global Food Bank resource to help you find a location.


Edward and Jane discuss their environmental activism locally and globally.


Why conflict minerals are important for all readers to be aware of – danger, war, torture and death result over control of these minerals.


Bella works at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium over her College summers.


Bella is working with JM Eagle on advancing their water systems, where Edward’s African affiliations can benefit them.


Edward finds Bella on Manhattan Beach.


Renee and her blankie.

Edward would be working with many of these humanitarian organizations to aid in the first few days of Tsunami relief and rescue.


The Chicago Tribune article that Charlie found in Bella’s notes.

CHAPTER 28 & 29:

Emmett and Bella were volunteering for Habitat For Humanity.

Here’s a link that shows the current travel warnings to the Central African Republic. Brave volunteers risk their lives in these dangerously volatile places just so they can help others. Their bravery is awe-inspiring.


Edward takes Bella to Kichwa Tembo on the Masai Mara.

CHAPTER 37 and onward:

Because Scintilla incorporated world events in real time as it was being written as a WIP, certain events were introduced into the storyline to further illustrate the importance of humanitarianism, activism and how the reader relates to what’s currently going on in the world, such as the Egyptian and Wisconsin protests, New Zealand Earthquake and devastating Tsunami in Japan.


The special guest.

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