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Merchandise Russian Banner

Banner by Olesya (Bad_Day_48)

Call volume at Overstock dot com is rising as the holidays approach. Who knew that assisting a caller could be filled with so many blue comedic opportunities? The land mines of innuendo are about to place Bella in a whole lot of trouble. Or will they? A short, comedic One Shot included in the 2011 Fandoms Fight the Floods compilation.

PDF: GothicTemptress – Merchandise

(posted May 31, 2011 – Beta: AniasMark)

FRENCH TRANSLATION: by Milk40found Here.

RUSSIAN TRANSLATION: by Letmesignman – found Here.

Thanks to Letmesignman , Merchandise won third place in The Best Humor O/S category of the Annual Twilight Russia Translation Awards for 2014!


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