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(posted November 21, 2010 – Beta: RandomCran, Pre-Reader: Elliedgasmswoon)

Updated 12/10/13: Bereit won 1st Place in the Twilight Russia awards for BEST HISTORICAL ADAPTATION and THE READERS CHOICE AWARD

by the extremely talented Letmesignman . It’s so exciting for me (and my mother, who couldn’t believe when I told her that her birth and survival story had found it’s way across the world to Russian readers) to know that so many have been touched by this little story so close to my heart.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the translation, and the discussion about the story can be found here.

FRENCH TRANSLATION: by the lovely and incredibly meticulous Milk40 found here.

Thank you to the judges, voters, organizers and fellow participants of the The Cherry Exchange. Bereit was a finalist and awarded an honorable mention in this One Shot contest. I thank you all on the behalf of my family. Without their harrowing and inspiring experiences, there would never have been the inspiration to write it. I thank you, and am honored that Bereit was recognized in this meaningful way. That information can be found here.

Readers have asked me how to properly pronounce Bereit. Phonetically, it’s pronounced Bear-right.

Family pictures and other images relating to the story Bereit can be found here.

The Author’s Blog to accompany Bereit can be found here.

Many thanks to Le Crepuscule for the beautiful review of Bereit.

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