Horizon’s Ascension Song – The ENVY one shot for The Sinners Compilation SALIGIA

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. . . H O R I Z O N ‘ S . . . A S C E N S I O N . . . S O N G . . .
(Listed as ENVY as part of The Sinner’s 7 Deadly Sins compilation SALIGIA)

A thousand years in the future, Edward and Bella embark on a journey to the Tweyel8 Space Lab before venturing to the outer settlements on Mars. Will the corroded and darkened-green logic of poisonous envy hinder their dreams? Rated M for Sex in microgravity with Deep Space Nineward. Being naughty in near Zero-G has it’s challenges and benefits, as our favorite couple discovers.

Story link on my FF.net Profile: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10167309/1/

Here is the Russian translation and story discussion: http://twilightrussia.ru/forum/109-12714-1

The Fic Link to The Sinners 7 Deadly Sins Compilation: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10160719/1/SALIGIA


I was so honored to be part of The Sinners compilation, a really neat idea born from the desire to showcase the 7 deadly sins in a really unique an fun way, exposing readers to different authors and writing styles while centered around a common theme of sin. It was so much fun to write for this project, especially in the company of DazzledIn2008, JonesnDaHood, LayAtHomeMom, Planetblue, Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy, and SexiLexiCullen!

A few months ago, I had a conversation with Shay Savage (Savage7289) about the 501st Legion and sex in space with a few members of Vader’s Fist (even that sounds kinky). Sex in space has been a topic my husband and I have often fantasized about, so when I was assigned the sin of Envy, Space Sex was on my mind. My first draft for this SALIGIA project was scrapped (it was a regency one shot) as it climbed to over 18,000 words, so I filed that idea away and started on a new one. After seeing this picture, I HAD to write it.


LayAtHomeMom is the reason that the nickname “Deep Space Nineward” is in this story. Three and a half fists is based on true and hilarious conversation I had with friends while out to dinner one night at Three Forks Steakhouse in Chicago. The coincidence will be appreciated by Twilight fans. 

When I think of space and the broadening of our horizon to get there, I envision a poetic aria in my mind, so I set out to write a type of lyrical song for the readers, set to the various tempos of humanity’s footfalls on progress as we’ve moved from the Earth to beyond. It’s why I set the “tempo” at the beginning as:

Tempo: Andante e affettuoso.

(At a walking pace and with emotion/affection)

Here is my poem “Footfalls” from the story, something I was inspired to write after realizing that Space was the destination of these characters. Imaging the action of a step helped place this idea into a tangible poetic idea:

Our choice to move forward begins with a step.

Dorsiflex into the decisive track of the powerful heel,

Acceleration of hind-limb force,

Spring-massing into the future.

Our footstep continues with the decent of the calloused yet resilient

Skin of the heel into the starsighed setting-down of resolve.

Graceful arch stretched out over dreams

Beneath the pressure of our actions,

A bridge defying boundaries,

Surmounting the fear-gutting cliffs of hesitation.

Plantarflexion into the beyond,

Meta-theory meeting metatarsals.

Hello little toe bones,

Bearers of the force of our abstractive footfall,

The weight of our decisively inspiring gait powerfully

Spreading the regolith with our momentum.

The tips of our toes at the end of our step

Barely scrapes the surface of progress,

Yet our footprint leaves a reminder of our indelible persistence,

And a reason to make another one ahead of it.

One step-dream is momentum towards breathless awe,

But sometimes our trajectory needs velocity.

Both feet together now, parallel and forward-facing. Jump!

Branching inward to look for poetic inspiration for this story was pretty easy for me, but the actual research was far from simple.  Sadly, there is very little actual research about sex in space. From what I’ve gathered, the Russians had some successful experiments between a husband/wife team as they orbited the globe, but remain mum about it. NASA is puritanical as always, afraid to release documents that might offend a large segment of the taxpayers with the knowledge that their $$$ paid for fucking in space. This is a FAKE document circulating over the web offering details about such experiments, but it’s not real.

So, what would happen if we try to copulate and come in microgravity? What happens to that “happy ending?” Check this out…it’s so cool to watch as the surface tension creates a thin layer of water over the Astronaut’s hands. Sex in space could certainly be messy, but not as messy as one might think. Here is the screen cap from the link below. Look at what happens when the Astronaut squeezes a soaking wet washcloth in microgravity:


Here is that super cool video to watch as the water spreads out along his hands and than seeps back into the washcloth after the tension of the cloth is released:


After watching this video, it’s not difficult to surmise that come might react in a similar manner. There would be a LOT of lubrication sticking to fingers and body parts, that’s for sure … especially after both reach their happy ending.


Here are water globules, as they would appear in the lab when Newton gets desperate. Imagine the Elsilarc (Carlisle spelled backwards, for you twilight peeps) particles reacting to these orbs in the air.


What about movement? That’s the trickiest part to manage in MicroG, I’d think.


And I spent hours watching these guys fly around in this old footage. It looks like so much fun to me (it gets better in the later part of the video)!!!

Thulium 69 for Blog

So … is double-sided Velcro the magical answer to successfully fucking in space? No clue. It holds insane amounts of weight (my grocery bags strapped to my rolling grocery cart, as an example), so I stuck with that idea. It’s restrictive, strong, tends to stay in place and is easy to carry around, so let’s just run with that notion until Astronauts prove otherwise. 😉

And on that note (and because I know he’s seeing this), I’m now going to make a very shameless public proposition…to my favorite Science Geek, my husband, who spent hours discussing Physics and Science Fiction theory with me for this story – Virgin Galactic begins flights next year. 10 years from now, when prices have hopefully dropped, I want fuck you in space. Start saving, baby, and bring the velcro.


Other links about sex in space, and space travel in microgravity:

How do you use a toilet in space?

Sex in Space Wiki

What is microgravity?

Sex in space – the Documentary

Touring the Earth from outer space

Space Station Tracker

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