Eighteen – Story Links

Eighteen Banner
. . . E I G H T E E N . . .

Black night against perfect light, a circuit of touch and reverence inspire a countdown to seduction, the darkness awakened one lace of a leather corset at a time. Get ready to lose your breath … An erotic One Shot showcasing the veneration of lovers enjoying the tightening of laces down the spine, and the awakening of a burgeoning need to sensually explore.

Story link on FF.net

(posted August 30, 2010 – Beta: JustDuckie, Pre-readers: Anais Mark, Adamanta Banks, Elliedgasmswoon & RandomCran)

Eighteen Russian Banner
Banner made by Olesya

RUSSIAN TRANSLATION: by Letmesignman is posted HERE.

GERMAN TRANSLATION: by DanaTheMagicBunny found Here!

Discussion of this One Shot can be found here: link.

I’m grateful to Edmazing and The Lemonade Stand for their blog mention of Eighteen!

Song Links mentioned in A/N’s: Sea of Sin by Depeche Mode & Moral by Destroid

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