The Summer of Lethe’s Demise – Story Links

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. . . T H E  S U M M E R  O F  L E T H E ‘ S  D E M I S E . . .

After 22 years of marriage, they have forgotten what is important. This Summer
will usher in a new beginning. It’s time for them to remember…to finally see. Awards
winner – Voted Best One Shot, Best Romance, Best Drama & Best Family/Friendship

(posted on on July 31, 2010 – Beta: RandomCran)

I originally pulled this story from to perform revisions, but as I began working on it, the words and emotions began to flow again for these two special characters – What was an 11,000 word award winning one shot has turned into an 80,000 word novel, and these characters still aren’t done dancing with my muse yet. Yes, I may very well publish the revised version at some point in the distant future. I’ll post here with all of the details if and when that happens. I wish to offer thanks to all the readers that fell in love with this one shot. I never expected the overwhelmingly positive reception, with over 600 reviews for a O/S. I’m truly humbled by the reception and inquiry regarding this story. More to come, soonish. 😉


The Summer of Lethe’s Demise won the Award for Best One Shot in The Gem Awards (link removed from the web)

It also was voted Best Romance, Best Drama, Best Friendship/Family, and Best AU in The Single Shot Awards

Thank you to all who nominated and voted! It originally won 1st place in the Summer Lovin’ Anonymous Contest in 2010.

The Summer of Lethe’s Demise placed in the Top 6 of TwiFicOne’s Simply the Best of 2010 – Thank you to all who nominated and voted!

Thank you to IndiFicPimp for naming The Summer of Lethe’s Demise as their One Shot of the week!

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