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I’ve been a participant in many fandoms since 1998, and registered on FF.Net since 2002. That love for this past-time has spanned many fandoms and genre’s. I love watching a new story unfold and witnessing an author reveal their “voice” and desired message as a story progresses. I’m GothicTemptress on all the message boards that I’ve ever participated on through the years. People often refer to me as GT or Becca, but my most treasured name/title is Mom – I’m a mother of 2 daughters. I’ve been married for almost 17 years and we live in Downtown Chicago and love the vibrant city life for ourselves and for raising our children. High-rise living is it for us, not the burbs or the white picket fence. No yard, no shoveling snow, no car or driving, no long commute…The city sidewalks are perfect for my big black Combat boots anyway. 😉

The Twilight fandom has allowed me to meet some of the most inspirational and coolest people I have ever had the blessing of knowing on the net. The Muses, The Bunker Babes, The Blue Bubble Beauties…My free time on the net has been made infinitely better by these amazing people. I also have my Jane Austen, Potter and Labyrinth fandom friends to thank for the love and support of quality friendships that have spanned nearly a decade in most cases. Their friendships have been a sanctum that has touched and continue to touch me deeply. Fanfiction and the discussion/bonding over it really brings so many people together in a positive way, and I am beyond thankful that I stumbled upon it so long ago. For all of the authors who share their stories with us…I am grateful for how much you inspire your readers. The word “appreciation” is not adequate…It’s more than words can ever express.

For my Chicago friends in the Goth/Industrial scene who have discovered this account/Blog over the years, I told you fanfiction was worth while. 😉 You all make my non-mommy time so much more…exciting! *wicked grin* Here’s a YouTube channel inspired by the hours of dancing we do on our club nights! For curious readers, that channel contains hundreds of songs that inspire me to write and makes me want to move through life with an extra bounce in my step. If you’re curious or looking for some Industrial/EBM, some Gothy or dark, head there my friends.

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