The Lacrimosa and Honied Pomegranate Seeds – Story Links


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. . . T H E  L A C R I M O S A   A N D   H O N I E D   P O M E G R A N A T E   S E E D S . . .

The leaking whispers of secret desires beckon the gods of antiquities to Bella’s awakening. Edward embraces the myth of Hades & Persephone … together strangers engage in a thrill-seeking erotic fantasy of risk & discovery. More than stocks are exchanged on the busy trading floor – Award winning One Shot exploring sexual fantasies regarding public sex, kink & risky business!

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Thanks to Letmesignman , The Lacrimosa and Honied Pomegranate Seeds won second place in The Best NC-17 Rated O/S category of the Annual Twilight Russia Translation Awards for 2014!


(posted November 15, 2012 – Beta: RandomCran, Pre-Reader: Elliedgasmswoon)

Winning entry (1st Place Public Vote and 2nd Place Judges vote) for the Public Lovin’ Fanfiction Contest & Blog

RUSSIAN TRANSLATION: by Letmesignman. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. The link to the discussion and story are Here.

This amazing banner for Lacrimosa was created by the talented Letmesignman and IrKos.

This beautiful banner for this story was made by Forthelongestday.

Thank you to Anna Crosswell Creations and The Library Blog for her rec!

Thank you to Winner’s Spotlight for the Blog post!

Thanks to TwiFicCentral for the blog post!

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