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If your demons are looking for playmates, perhaps mine can keep them company and entertained?


The Summer of Lethe’s Demise – After 22 years of marriage, they have forgotten what is important. This Summer will usher in a new beginning. It’s time for them to remember…to finally see.

  GothicTemptress – The Summer of Lethe’s Demise

Eighteen –  Black night against perfect light, a circuit of touch and reverence inspire a countdown to seduction, the darkness awakened one lace of a leather corset at a time. Get ready to lose your breath … An erotic One Shot showcasing the veneration of lovers enjoying the tightening of laces down the spine, and the awakening of a burgeoning need to sensually explore.

  GothicTemptress – Eighteen

Voyeur – A demure princess visits Cullen Castle. She perceives a few interesting things about the inhabitants & Prince Edward discovers that beneath her customary veil of piety, a dangerously inquisitive creature lurks, much to his pleasure. An erotic One Shot exploring voyeurism and the delicious seduction of a virgin tempted to pull aside her maiden’s veil to do more that just watch.

GothicTemptress – Voyeur

The Lacrimosa and Honied Pomegranate Seeds – The leaking whispers of secret desires beckon the gods of antiquities to Bella’s awakening. Edward embraces the myth of Hades & Persephone … together strangers engage in a thrill-seeking erotic fantasy of risk & discovery. More than stocks are exchanged on the busy trading floor – Award winning One Shot exploring sexual fantasies regarding public sex, kink & risky business!

GothicTemptress – The Lacrimosa and Honied Pomegranate Seeds

Merchandise – Call volume at Overstock dot com is rising as the holidays approach. Who knew that assisting a caller could be filled with so many blue comedic opportunities? The land mines of innuendo are about to place Bella in a whole lot of trouble. Or will they? A short, comedic One Shot included in the 2011 Fandoms Fight the Floods compilation.

   GothicTemptress – Merchandise


Bereit  –  Faced with adversity, horror, pain, loss, love and hope, humanity bears the challenge of survival and the pursuit of happiness. Will Edek Cullenski and Izabela Swanda be ready for this journey? Based on my family’s true story of surviving the Holocaust in war ravaged Poland and Germany during WW2.

  GothicTemptress – Bereit

Scintilla – The temperature of our lives is first influenced by little sparks. If they’re kindled, nurtured & encouraged, what fires can be ignited? A romance about activism, the humanitarian spirit within & the slow burn of a passion years in the making. It’s an exploration of current events, global strife, African conflict minerals, social accountability & calibrating our moral compass.

GothicTemptress – Scintilla 10 8 2013

Distemper  – I can’t escape this tightening, blackening hostility. There is no satisfying cure for this hatred I feel for him, short of the resolution that would give me what I desire most: I want him dead. I want him to pay with his last breath. It’s time.

  GothicTemptress – Distemper

Ctrl Alt Del  – Beneath the painful emotions & seeping within her festering wounds, reality is pushing through the frayed edges of the radical decision Bella’s made. Fragmented and overloaded, her choice is a difficult one, coming from a source she never expected. A system restore can be more complex than anticipated. Commence resolution protocol and prepare to queue those three computer keys …

  Ctrl Alt Del for PDF


Forget Me Knots  – In the complex composition of the fibers forming the rope of life, some knots are erotic & fulfilling while others are disconcertingly merciless. Many unravel, but vestiges often remain as evidence of distressful wounds too wretched to heal – An extremely dark One Shot that explores edge play, shibari rope play, erotic breath play and … well … things far more sinister.

  GothicTemptress – Forget Me Knots

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